Barbara Closter


About Me

(Northern Virginia)

Oakton High School / Laurel Springs School
Class of 2025

Rides at Three Ships LLC


From pony rides, to horse summer camps, and all the way to competitively showing; horses has always been apart of my life. My name is Barbara Closter, i'm 16 years old (Class of 2025), and live in Virginia. Nothing brings me more joy then being around horses. They create this whole environment and world around them that I didn't even think was possible. They've opened countless doors for me, teaching me everything I know, in and out of the saddle.

For the past few years i've been very fortunate to show on the east coast "A" circuit and have learn many valuable things. One can win every single class, but it wouldn't matter if they didn't show good sportsmanship, horsemanship, and ultimately be a team player. As much as I wanted ribbons, the experiences meant more than anything to me. The best parts of my day was waking up at dawn to take care of the horses, cheering on my teammates, working at barn whenever I could, and everything else in between. 

I now currently ride with Three Ships LLC, training with Abby Blankenship. I lease two horses: "Happy Hour" a 7 y/o recently imported EQ horse and "Empty Spaces" a 2009 Child Jumper. They're teaching me the ropes of the 3'3 Eq as well as High Children Jumpers. We traveled down to WEF for the winter, and I could not be more thankful for such a wonderful experience. Being able to learn from a high paced barn, in as well as out of the saddle, has been so eye opening and taught me more about myself as a rider as well as a person.

When i'm not riding horses, I play field hockey, run my elastic belt business, participate in marketing competitions, and volunteer for different equestrian committees. I'm a goalie for my schools field hockey team in the fall, where I learn more about coordination and gain lower body strength. I also run an elastic belt business called LOVE BARBARA BELTS. I love marketing so it has been a great way to express both my passions while helping me involve myself further into the equestrian world. During the fall I participate in DECA, a marketing organization that teaches students about real world situations. Lastly, I am a member of the WIHS Junior Committee, being positioned as Regional Show Youth Ambassador last year. We volunteer not only at the horse show, but at different horse rescues and venues as well. It teaches young equestrians about running a horse show and true horsemanship. 

Horses is more than a sport to me, it's a passion. In or out of the saddle, they surround me with joy wherever I go. I would love to ride on a NCAA D1 team as I can use everything I've worked for and learned into something that truly bring me happiness. 







High School National Honors Society
All A Honor Roll Freshman Year
Academic Letter 
Athlete Honor Roll
4.0 GPA
Latin Club and DECA (marketing competition organization)
National Honors Society 7th-8th grade
Freshman Field Hockey team - Goalie
JV Field Hockey team - Goalie 

AP Statistics
Latin 3
Geosystems Honors
AP US History
Business Law
AP Language and Composition

Algebra 2
Ap World
Sports Marketing 
Health and PE
Latin 2
English 10 HN

Intro To Marketing
Honors English
Health and PE
Latin 1
World History 1 Honors

2024 JustWorld International Ambassador

2023 WIHS Youth Ambassador

2022 WIHS Regional Show Youth Ambassador

Teaching little kids (4 and under) how to ride horses/ horsemanship 

Volunteered at WIHS Barn Night 2022
Volunteered at Promise Landing Therapeutic Riding alongside WIHS 

WIHS Junior Committee member

Volunteered often at “Women Giving Back” - alongside NCL

Volunteered at a 5k run for down syndrome - alongside NCL

Volunteered at “SPROUT” - alongside WIHS

Volunteered at WIHS Regional Horse Show - alongside WIHS two years in a row 

Equestrian Resume

Show age for the 2023 season : 15 y/o
USEF/USHJA 5679785 

Jump For The Children Horse Show (November):
4th in the THIS out of 16 with an 83.5.

WIHS Regional Horse Show (October):
5th and 7th in the Younger Children's out of 25.

Maryland Horse and Pony Show (September)
2nd in the VHSA Medal out of 16, 4th in the first round of the Younger Children’s Classic out of 14 with an 80.

Lake Placid Horse Shows (June-July)
6th in the 12-14 equitation out of 34.

Jump for the Children Horse Show (November): Champion in the 0.95 jumpers on "Empty Spaces" (first time showing this horse), 4th in both 12-14 equitation classes, good Younger Children rounds.

Competed at both WIHS and Capital Challenge in the Children Hunter Finals

WIHS Regional Horse Show (October): 5th at Zone 3 Younger Childrens Hunter Final 

Maryland Horse and Pony Show (September) : Younger Childrens class winner with an 84.

Lexington National Horse Show (August): 9th in VHSA Child Medal Final, Clear and 6th in the Low Childrens Speed (First time doing the class), 4th in the VHSA Child Hunter Final.

Rose Mount Horse Show (July) : Good round in the Zone 3 Equitation Final, 5th in the Gittings Medal, Top ribbons in the Younger Children's.

Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show Week 2 (July): 4th in the THIS Medal with an 83 out of 20+, 4th in the Mod Child/Adult Jumper Power & Speed out of 28, 12th in the Mod Child/Adult Classic, and 7th in the NAL/WIHS Children’s Classic out of 36.

Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show Week 1 (July)
: 2nd in the Mod Child/ Adult Power & Speed and 4th in the Mod/Child Adult Classic out of 17.

Loudoun Benefit Horse Show (June)
Champion in the Younger Childrens, 6th in the Combined Classic out of 19, Competed in the National Derby, and Double clear both days in the 0.80 and 0.90 jumpers.

McDonogh Boumi Shrimes Show (June):
Winner of the Children's Combined Classic, Reserve Champion in the Younger Childrens, Double clear in the 0.85 jumpers (first time doing it).

Upperville Colt and Horse Show (June):
Scored an 83 in the Younger Childrens for 7th in the Combined Classic out of 28 riders.

KESWICK Horse Show (May)
Winner of the Children’s Hunter Classic with two 83’s, Competed in the National Derby missing the cut off by 1.5 points, 3rd in the VHSA Medal, and 4th in the Gittings Medal. 

McDonough Spring Horse Show (April):
2nd and 3rd in the Younger Children’s with 6th in the Combined Classic.

Rose Mount Spring Horse Show (April)
1st with an 83 out of 9 Younger Children’s (20 in total - first round of the classic), 6th in the VHSA Medal out of 12, 8th overall in the Combined Classic. 

Lexington Spring Welcome Horse Show (March)
2nd in the Combined Children’s Classic with an 81 out of 13.Reserve Champion in the Younger Childrens, 4th in the VHSA Medal out of 13.

Lexington County Horse Show II (February):
Reserve Champion in the Younger Children’s Hunter, 3rd in the Combined Classic, 4th in the THIS, Gittings, and VHSA Medals.

McDonough Horse Show Classic (January):
2nd in the VHSA Medal out of 10 with a score of 80 , 1st place in the second round of the Younger Children Hunters.

The Barracks December Horse Show (December)
8th in my first National Derby with a first Round score of 83 out of 24 horses, 4th in the VHSA Medal out of 9, Reserve Champion In the Younger Childrens.

WEC Ohio (November): 1st in the Hunt Seat Medal, 2nd in the THIS, and 4th in the Jump Seat
on “Happy Hour.” First time showing “Chocolate Chip 12” placing 3rd in the Hamel and Child

Harrisburg (October): Competed at NCEA Medal Finals and the Children Hunters on “Happy

Capital Challenge (September): Competed in the Open Equitation on “Happy Hour” and placed
8th & 9th in the Children Hunters .

GLEF 5 (July): Catch ride on “Roscoe” in the meter jumpers, 6th in the NCEA medal and 6th in the 15-17.

GLEF 3 & 4 (July): Eq Tuesday- 2nd in the Hunt Seat 5th in the Hamel, and 4th in the NCEA. 6th in the Jump Seat, 7th in the NCEA, and 7th in the Hamel.

GLEF 1 & 2 (July): 8th and 5th in the 15-17 as well as 8th in the Hamel, catch ride on Pippi in the meter (Clear round class).

Hits Chicago Week 2 (June): Reserve Champion in the 15-17 and 4th in the NCEA medal.

Hits Chicago Week 1 (June): Double clear and 5th in the 1.15 high child classic, 3rd in the NCEA medal, 7th in the 15-17 EQ, 3rd in the hunt seat, and 6th in the Hamel.l

KY Spring 2 (May): Champion in the 15-17 EQ, 8th in the Hamel, 7th in the Hunt Seat medal, 5th in the THIS medal, Top 10 in the Jump Seat, Top 10 in the High Child Jumper.

KY Spring 1 (May): Top 10 in the High Child Jumper, First 1.15m classic, 8th in the 15-17 EQ, Top 10 in the Hamel and Jump seat.

Wellington Spring 2 (April): 10th in the High Child Classic (double clear).

Wellington Spring 1 (April): 7th in the High Child Jumpers (first time), 6th, 7th, and 8th on the flat in the 15-17 EQ, first Hamel as well as Hunt Seat medal.

WEF Week 12: good rounds in the 3’3 performance.

WEF Week 11: 5th and 10th in the low child jumpers, 8th in the older child hunters.

WEF Week 10: 4th and 7th in the low child jumpers, good rounds in the THIS and 15-17 EQ.

WEF Week 5: 2nd in the Older Children Hunters with a 82.5 out of 23.

WEF Week 4: 7th in the Low Children Jumpers power & Speed out of 65 (cali split) , 2nd in the Low Children's Jumper Classic out of 44 (cali split).

WEF Week 3: 4th and 5th in the Low Children Jumpers out of 80 (cali split), 8th in the Older Children hunters out of 25.

WEF Week 1: 7th place in the Low Children's Jumper Power and Speed out of 75 (cali split), 5th .90 training class out of 33.

McDonough December Classic (December):  4th in the Gittings Medal out of 12, 6th place MHSA 3'3 Medal out of 18.

WEF Holiday Finale (December): 5th and 6th in the 15-17 Age Equitation on “Chocolate Chip 12.”

WEF New Years Equitation (December): 2nd in the NCEA and THIS, 6th in the Jump Seat, as well as 5th in the Hamel on “Chocolate Chip 12."

WEF Holiday III (December): 1st in the THIS, 2nd in the NCEA, 3rd in the Jump Seat, and 8th in the Hamel on “Chocolate Chip 12.”

WEF Holiday II (December): 8th in the Hamel and 5th in the THIS on “Chocolate Chip 12.”

At The Barn

Whether it's at shows or at home I always make sure to take care of my horse(s), as well as help out around the barn. I ride my own five to six times a week as well as others at our barn; grooming and tacking up each one. Having to get my horse ready at shows has also taught me a lot about time management while being quick and efficient. Along with that, I always try to help around the barn and show areas in any way I can. My favorite things to do would have to be watering and haying because seeing how happy the horses are to see me makes my day...only when I'm not accidentally spraying them with water! A top everyday task of mine is also grooming because I truly enjoy making my horses shiny and clean; even getting a few best turned out awards. I am always happy and eager to help my fellow barn mates and wonderful barn staff out with whatever they need and will try 100% every time to deliver!

— Barbara



In the middle of the year (June) of WIHS Children’s Finals Standings,
Prescott and I sit in 1st place out of 100+ riders:

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